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May 26, 2010 at 03:01 PM

Setting workflow for approve and reject in zprogram


Hi Experts,

My Requirement is Channel Head sends workitem simultaneously to 5 departments to make inputs in ztransaction.

When all departments makes ips in ztransaction again workitem is send to channel head for approval.Now approve and reject buttons are in ztransaction.I am not using workflow user decision. If channel head approves it goes to COO for approval.If he rejects and will select departments in ztransaction to which workitems will be sent to make suitable changes in ztransaction.

1.How will approve and reject actions in ztransaction will flow in workflow ?

2.How can workitems be send only to departments selected by channel head through ztransaction?

3.Should i create another workflow for approval and until loop for rejection?

Please suggest.