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May 26, 2010 at 02:09 PM



Hi everybody,

I encountered the following problem with the standard business content key figure 0SRVCLENKYF.

It seems that the standard ABAP routine behind this key figure not only takes into account the hiring date of an employee, to calculate the length of service (in years), but also the date related to changes in cost center.

So for an employee with:

- hiring date on 01.01.2000 and

- a switch in cost center on 01.01.2009

the value value for 0SRVCLENKYF on 01.01.2010 is equal to 1 year, instead of 10 years.

This is incorrect and very strange.

Has anybody encountered the same problem, and if so can you please share your solution?

Kind regards,

Giovanni Talamini.

P.S.: we use ECC 6.0 in combination with SAP BW 7.0 (DTP's and transformations)