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how to use standard text so10

Hello sir

Here the problem is i want get three company adress in the script..

Here i used the satandard text (so10) and created three adress and i went to address window type


i written if exgrp =52

<b> include zadress 1 text id language E.

else exgrp=53

<b> include zadress 2 text id langugage e.

this one i did in developement client and i tested and imported threw scc1 its not reflecting while exectuing.

so please tell me how to print the 3 comapny address .. and step by step procedure .




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4 Answers

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    May 26, 2010 at 01:43 PM

    I guess you didn 't place your standard texts in the transport.

    You need to use program RSTXTRAN to place the texts in a transport and then use SCC1 to transport it to the other client.

    Edited by: Christophe Gillijns on May 26, 2010 3:50 PM:

    Following was added:

    SE38 --> Program RSTXTRAN

    Fill in selection screen & execute it: this will show you a list of standard texts

    Select (checkbox in first position) the standard texts you want to include in the request and press enter (Green circle with V in it).

    On next screen you see the standard texts that are gonne be included.

    Press the button Trsfr texts to Corr.

    --> Now the texts are included in your transport request and will be transported when you use STMS or SCC1.

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    • Former Member

      Christophe is right.

      the message appears, because the texts are only available in the development system at the moment.

      Another possibility is to run SO10 in the live system and enter the texts again. (If you do not want to create a new transport request).



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    Former Member
    May 27, 2010 at 04:31 AM

    Hi Reddy,

    Check whether that Standard Texts are Transported or not...Chk in SO10 in QA client...

    If not so,GO to SE78..We have Standard Text Folder inLeft Hand side..

    Click On that one and Give Standard TExt name And Language...Then click on Transport Button.

    Now it will ask for request then Create request and goto se01 and release...One thing It will create Customized Request



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    Former Member
    May 27, 2010 at 08:08 AM

    Christophe and Ralf are right.

    You can use the report RSTXTRAN to add the standard text (SO10 Object) to transport request and then do the SCC1to transport it to other client.

    On the selection screen of this report, enter the following parameters:-

    Name of correction :- Enter the transport request number

    Text key - object :- TEXT

    Text key - name :- SO10 object name

    Text key - ID :- ST

    Text key - language :- EN

    & then execute.

    And follow the procedure mentioned above.

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    • Former Member

      HELLO sir ,

      I done wt u said but unable to get that address in script .......

      Please check the flow once which done by me ......

      firsr created 3 texts and went to the adress window there i used insert option gave standard text ...

      in the address window i gave

      If P_EXGrp -52( &j_1iexchdr-exgrp&)

      include text 1

      elseif P_exgrp=53

      include text 2

      else if P_exgrp=54

      endif . this the way i used if condition i .......... if i changed the second statement to Only to "else" its printing the only else part exectuting in script .

      and by using RSTXTRAN progarm transported my request . and by scc1 imported but iunable to get Please tell me i didnt change the driver progarm .. selection scrrren &J_1iexchdr-exgrp& is one fileld based on this company code should come ..

      Please let me know how to get ....wt changes i should make Please



  • May 28, 2010 at 09:33 AM


    Go to Se71 Utilities->Activate Debugger. Debug the form is the only solution to find out why the values are not appearing.

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    • Former Member

      Thank you ,sir,

      I debugged the script only the field &j_1iexchdr-exgrp is not fetching any values . remianing fields like J_1irg1-cpdut is showing the values like"xxxxxxx'''' only this field not fetching i used above the procedure .

      Please let me know that .. any changes can done this standard script J_2I_rg1 daily stock account i made changes to my requiremnent and J_2irrg1 i s driver progarm i justed copeid into Z progarm and executed ....

      Please tell me how to fetch that ...

      Unable to get tryed in all ways ........