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May 26, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Confusion Over Open PO & GR


Hi All,

We have Gone Live on SAP on 20.04.2010.

We have uploaded the Opening Stock on 31.03.2010

We want to create Po & do the GRN

Please refer the following cases of the Legacy System:

1. One PO was made on 20.03.2010 and the GR was done on 10.04.2010

2. One PO was made on 22.03.2010 and the Delivery is expected on 12.08.2010

3. One PO was made on 03.04.2010 and the GR was done on 05.04.2010

4. One PO was made on 06.05.2010 and the GR was done on 14.05.2010

My confusion is on which date should we create the PO & do the Goods Receipt?

The suggestion I got from internal team:

1. Create all the PO made before March 31 on a Single Date i.e. on 02.04.2010 and do the GR on 02.04.2010 and will treated as Open PO.

(My Concern/ Doubt:

a. How can we put PO Date as 02.04.2010 in SAP while it was created on 20.03.2010 in the Legacy System)

b. How can we receive the Material in SAP on 02.04.2010 which was practically received on 10.04.2010 in the Legacy System;


2. Create POs and do GRs as per the actual dates which was made in the month of April on onwards.

I feel we should to create the PO as per the Date of the Legacy System and do the GR as the actual date as in Legacy System.

Please advice. Also I need some inputs on Open POs. Please note that we have got three EXCISE Plants.