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May 26, 2010 at 12:17 PM

Shadow databases, redo and index


We're building a shadow database of our BW system using log shipping. During the recover process I see in Knlmsg the following information:

Thread   0x1C Task     94  2010-05-26 15:09:02
Index          6:  Mark index as not accessible,
REASON=no redo of index creation,ROOT=87357163,FILENO=00000000003317F8
The index with FileID '00000000003317F8' respectively root '87357163' 
has been disabled due to technical reasons. This is not an error case 
which needs further analizing.
Drop the index and recreate it again.

Does that mean we would have to parse through Knlmsg, find the root page, do a select and recreate this index manually?