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May 26, 2010 at 12:03 PM



Hi All,

If anyone implemented and worked on the BADI BADI_FIAA_DOCLINES, please reply back.

Our Requirement: If an asset has four invoices and these are settled to another asset using AIBU, the standard program settles the sender line items to the receiver as one line item in the receiver. Our requirement is to settle each line item in the sender as a separate line item in the receiver. We achieved this using an Enhancement Spot. In addition we need to we need to update the accounting details with Assignment number, Item text etc. For this we implemented the BADI BADI_FIAA_DOCLINES and trying to change the entries of CT_ACCIT .We were able to fetch details from V_ANEPK using fields like

BUKRS Company Code

ANLN1 Main Asset Number

ANLN2 Asset Subnumber

GJAHR Fiscal Year

AFABE Real depreciation areabukrs

BWASL Asset Transaction Type

AUGLN Current number of the clearing asset line item

BUDAT Posting Date in the Document

BUREG Distribution rule group.

But we will get more than 1 entry with the above keys. Please let me the know the procedure of how to update the accounting details. Please suggest me if there are any other BADI, EXIT or Enhancement Spot to achieve this.

Thanks in advance,