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Former Member
May 26, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Cash sales in DBM with a cash account


Dear Experts,

My client requires that in case of cash sales in DBM, the amount gets posted to a cash account instead of customer account. This process is akin to "Cash Sales" in SAP "Sales and Distribution". It is managed in SD with the billing type BV and by setting up cash account determination.

In order to achieve this in DBM, we have done following in customizing.

Copy a new order type from 1000 - Parts order and assign bill type BV instead of F2. We have maintained cash account determination in SD customizing and ensured that the required cash account is posted when a bill with type BV is treggered by DBM Billing Create event.

With this the process appears to be going well. On creating the invoice for new order type, the cash account is posted instead of customer account. And on cancellation of invoice the accounting entries are reversed. Also, the users dont have to settle the cash in 'DBM cash desk' as the amount is posted directly to cash account instead of customer account.

I request members to share their experience/opinion on following points,

1) Will there be any unforeseen impact on the other DBM functions because of this new set up ?

2) Has anyone already used such setup and what has been the experience ?

Thanks and Regards,