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May 26, 2010 at 10:40 AM

Multiproviders and Hints - RRKMULTIPROVHINT


Hi Dudes,

Can anybody help me with the "Multiproviders and Hints" and the table "RRKMULTIPROVHINT"?

I found a document [20 technical Tips and Tricks|] in which the 1st optimization Tip is "Multiproviders and Hints".

I don't understand how to fill the table "RRKMULTIPROVHINT" mainly the fields POSIT & MAXOR.

Q: What are the values to fill in the table if you have a MultiCube with a logical partitionning by Time Period (2005 to 2010)?

Q: Is that optimization efficient if one has a logical partitionning by Year (for example) and one always accesses to the queries with Period and Company criteria?

Thanks in advance for your replies.