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May 26, 2010 at 09:08 AM

1 JCO Destination per 1 RFC?



I have made working application with JCO connections and it's running in production.

It's has 78 JCO destinations ( both meta and model destinations ).

The tutorials that I been using seem to create 2 JCO destinations for each RFC.

My technical guys moved the SAP ERP server and changed the address for it.

The SLD was updated but it does not override the settings of the existing JCO destinations.

Can 1 meta JCO destination and 1 modal JCO destination be used for all my RFCs?

( better to maintain 2 JCO dests than 78 JCO dests )

Is there a mass update feature for JCO connections?

( updating it one by one takes a couple of hours due to respons time )

Best regards