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May 25, 2010 at 04:00 PM

CHARM: SDHF_04 auths failure


I am testing ChaRM and an incorrect authorisations failure has occurred.

The scenario is as follows;

Using the Developer user, have successfully created Normal Corrections

and processed them.

Now trying to create Emergency Corrections the process fails at the

action "Set to In Development", the error produced is "An action was

terminated due to an exceptional siutation"

Having then run SU53 an authorisation failure is detected.

The failure is on Auth Obj B_USERSTAT, for BERSL SDHF_04 - this is

completely incorrect - this BERSL would allow the developer to approve

for production, the current action is to simply set to in development.

The configuration is clear that the Authorisation required for this

action is BERSL SDHF_01 which the user has got through the


Based on the documentation

We have given the developer the correct roles, also based on our

experience with the normal correction the role is correct. - I realise that Emergency & normal corrections are processed differently, however my statement is based on the configuration & the required auths in the Developer role.

The only user who should have the access being requested is the

production manager - this role has the requested access as detailed in

the documentation.

Why is the action of "Set to in development" for an emergency correction

require SDHF_04? Or in fact anything other than SDHF_01 as detailed in

the configuration.

I would appreciate any pointers on where I should look to see why this auth check is happening.

Thanks in advance