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May 25, 2010 at 02:16 PM

Importing data - lookup values from table based on non-display-field


Hi experts,

I need some help with something I would think should be straightforward. In import manager I have a source file of material records, each record with a field called "Country". The value of this field is a 3-character numeric ISO-code for country. In my repository I have a field CountryOfOrigin which is a lookup to table "Countries" having 3 fields; Name (DisplayField), ISO-2 (2-character alphanumeric code) and ISO-3 (3-character numeric code). I would like to map the field "Country" from my source file to the ISO-3 field of the lookup table, giving me a record where CountryOfOrigin is the name from the lookup table where ISO-3 matches the value from the source record.

This sounds to me like standard lookup functionality, but it seems that I can only map display fields? But I don't want the ISO-3 to be a display field.

Any hints on how to get this working or workarounds?

I'm aware of the possibility to do such lookups using middleware like PI, but I would like to do it in MDM.