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May 25, 2010 at 02:03 PM

calculating missed rate


hello experts,

in my dataflow,we donot get currency rates(e.g,actual 2010,actual 2009,budget 2010,budget 2009,LE....) from source systems(flatfiles)...we calculate them in start routines in dataflow.We generated one report today and one rate is missing and we found out that we havent included this rate in our start routine as this rate has come into picture newly.

our dataflow...

FLATFILE(datasource) ->ODS(have one self update transformation) >IC(have one self update transformation)

(ODS isconnected to one Infosource

which is connected back to ODS)

start routine is there between infosource and ODS and start routine calculates all rates.

Now how can we do so we can calculate this rate and make it come appear into our report....preferably without changing start routines...or changing start routines is the only way???.....

Thanks alot....

P Olin

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