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May 25, 2010 at 11:55 AM

jump query



We have two queries on Purchasing InfoCube. One is summarized details like Document date, Material Type and the number of purchase requisations. The second query will have details of the Purchase requisations like document date, purchase req numbers, material and quantity. Now the client wants to have link between these two queries.

I know that we can use Jump query to connect both of them. But the obligation here is, I need to pass the date value while jumping to the second query and display only related purchase requisations details.

In example:

First Query->

Doc Date- Material Type-number of Pur.Req

01.01.2010- ZRB- 10

02.01.2010- ZBR- 8

02.01.2010- ZRP- 4

03.01.2010- ZRB- 6

When i navigate through context menu on the query Go to-> Purchase Req Details (here i am using the jump query)

The desied result from the second query should like the following

Second Query->

Doc Date- Material number-Pur.Req number-Pur.Req.Quantity*

01.01.2010- 0001- 1000- 5

- 0002- 1001- 8

- 0003- 1002- 6

I am guessing that this should be possible by RRI(Jump query). But how to pass the value of the document date to second query and display only relevant values.

If its not clear, I will provide the more details.

Thank you.