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May 25, 2010 at 09:12 AM

question on material master


Hi all,

I would like to know how we can do for the following

1. Cross company transaction.

There are 2 Company code: 1000 and 2000

In their legacy system:

Create PO : 1000

Good Receipt: 1000

Invoice/Payment: 1000

à Stock is owned by 1000

But actually, Vendor ship 50% qty to 1000, 50%qty to 2000 (in other city)

In system: 100% qty belong to 1000, 50% qty is under consigment stock at 2000

In physical 50% qty belong to 1000, 50% qty belong to 2000

à Stock is owned by 1000, and 50% qty is under consigment stock at 2000

After 2000 sale stock to customer, there are inter billing created to settlement, 2000 will pay to 1000.

How to manage this process

2. BOM

2.1 They procure 2 product: AAA: HP server-50Gb Ram, BBB: HP server-100Gb Ram

In sales process: Customer want to buy AAA: but 100Gb Ram: then they take 100Gb Ram from BBB and put in AAA and sale to customer.

2.2: Customer want to buy AAA but request 80Gb Ram: then they sales AAA and relace with 80Gb Ram (material number: XXX). For 50Gb Ram in AAA, they store in WH and a spare part.

à how to control this 50Gb Ram as a stock (how to receipt into WH)