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May 25, 2010 at 04:29 AM

ChaRM Maintenance Project Error for satellite system


Hi Guru,

Please help urgently.

I've created new Maintenance Project for ECC as the satellite system, when I'm activating the project, it will show an error "Warning: Problems occurred during synchronization of the system landscape". And While performing the checking it will show below error:

No consolidation system found for ECD-100 (project ZMY_EM01)

No track for project ZMY_EM01 with log. system ECD/100

Message from function module /TMWFLOW/CHECK_PRJ_CONS: No export system for ECP-300

Our transport landscape is as below:

Customizing: ECD.100 --> ECQ.300 --> ECP.300

Workbench: ECD.110 --> ECQ.300 --> ECP.300

I've maintained both of them in the separated Logical Component.

We've already created Transport Domain Link between ECD (As ECC domain controller) and SOL (Solution Manager).

Last time SAP configured Charm internally in SOL and set it as domain controller.

Thanks in advance,