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May 24, 2010 at 09:25 PM

Data is not coming to PSA in BI7.0 from ECC6.0


Hi All

I did all the necessary steps for Business Content Extraction.(RSA9, RSA5, RSA6, LBWE) in ECC 6.0

I also performed the filling of the SetUp Table and checked the data using Extractor Checker.

Data was is available.

Then I Replicated the DataSource in BI7.0 and it got successfully replicated.

I created a InfoPackage for loading the data to the PSA and Immediately scheduled it for FULL Load.

Now, the problem is when I go to the Process Monitor I dont see data flowing in BW.

And I am doing this for Test data and the data in not huge, its negligible. (hardly 15 records)

Status is YELLOW in colour and says process still running.

Twice I wasted 1hr each doing RefreshALL and RefreshDetails.

But still at the end of it, it says process still running.

I also went and check the connection status in SM59(RFC Connections) and the partner connection in

WE20(Partner Connections) though I know the problem is not in this area but I just did it for my satisfaction

and everthing is fine there too.

I tried doing Step-by-Step Analysis also, it says

" No Idocs arrived from Source System.

The process is probably still running.

The ALE inbox of the BW system is identical to the outbox of the Source System


The maximum wait for this request has not run out


The batch job in the Source System has not ended yet. "

Couldnt understand the above diagnosis of the Step-by-Step Analysis.

Please, Can anyone tell me what is the problem I am facing ?

Why is data not coming to PSA in BI side ?

Thanx in advance for all the help.