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May 24, 2010 at 05:11 PM

Case sensitivity import problem, any way around?


Thanks to all for reading.

I'm importing data from 4 .xls, and there are some columns with manual entries, so values as "House" and "house" and even "houSe" are common.

BO is taking every of those values as different, i.e: House is not equal as house.

That might be very useful some times, but I need BO to take "HouSE" as "hoUse" etc.

Is there any way to override the case sensitivity when importing data from MS Excel?

I have at least 4 columns with that problem and the excel files are about 20K-30K rows long.

Please note I've been using BO for less than a month, I find it very nice and intuitive but my knowdlege is still very shallow.


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