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May 24, 2010 at 02:31 PM

RSMON - Broadcasting Java Error



I'm having this error in Broadcasts in BI Productive System:

u201CJAVA SYSTEM ERROR: Exception in method processFunctionu201D

- transaction RSMON

- Broadcasting

- Log Display

(the errors displayed are all for Communication-User ALEREMOTE)

Expanding nodes in displayed error:

(red) "Broadcasting was started using process chains (variants Z....)

(red) "Processing package with 1 settings (ALEREMOTE ES)"

"Begin processing of step XPTO@xxx"

(red) "Java system error: Exception in method processFunction." <<<<< ERROR

(this not happens in all steps, but it's the same Java-Exception-Error in each step with error)

I've searched current "defaultTrace.X.trc" log file but found nothing (for error timestamp).

Also searched other logs in /usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGSxx/j2ee/cluster/server0/log

Any clue would be nice.

Regards and Thanks in advance