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May 24, 2010 at 02:27 PM

VC not able to access data from RFC for few users


Hi VC Experts,

We have several VC applications in our portal, but I have an issue w ith our one of the VC Application. Which is fetching RFC data from R/3 backend and

showing thedata in a VC Table and Chart.

Few of the users w ho have access to the application are able to access the data but few other users are not able to access the data.

But the Application w as w orking f ine until few days back for all the users.

We have checked and compared the backend authorizations to the users and found that there is no change and they have authorization to RFC(S_RRC authorization exists).

We have done external debugging for the users, few users not able to stop at the RFC line when we submit VC application, but for few users external debugging is working and data is fetched.

Please suggest me what is going wrong...