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May 24, 2010 at 01:19 PM

SQLException excpetio when deploy


Hi Experts

I have created 3 application.


Two Web Dynpro.

In one Web dynpro i created a Model that use an entrerprise java bean model(this model is my caf application). I exposed the model in a public part.

And the other Web Dynpro i used the model public part of the above web dynpro.

I have deployed the caf and the first eb dynpro application sucessfully, but when i deploy the second web dynpro application i have the follow error:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Failed to set the parameter 1 of the statement >>SELECT "F"."DEPLOYABLE_OBJECT","L"."QUALIFIEDNAME","T"."TYPE_NAME" FROM "TC_WDRR_MRO_FILES" "F", "TC_WDRR_MRO_LUT" "L", "TC_WDRR_TYPES" "T" WHERE "F"."MRO_GUID" = "L"."GUID" AND "L"."TYPEGUID" = "T"."GUID" AND ("F"."MRO_STATE" = 'A' OR "F"."MRO_STATE" = 'C') AND ("L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ? OR "L"."QUALIFIEDNAME" = ?)<<: Cannot assign a >>java.lang.String<< object of length 123 to a parameter with JDBC type >>VARCHAR(116)<<.

I,m using etweaver 7.1 EHP1 Sp04

Can someone tell me how can i fix it?


Marcos Brandao

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