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May 24, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Issue with RFC Receiver in a synchronous scenario( RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION)


Hi guys,

My scenario is Fil-RFC-File which is a synchronous scenario.Today i got the below mentioned error in Production which affected the communication channels : Fil(Sender) and RFC(Receiver).It was due to the network unavailablity which existed for just 2-3 minutes. error while processing message to remote could not get a client from JCO.Pool:$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect ping timeout occurred after 60 seconds.

I have searched the entire foum for this issue and found many replies regarding time out values.In order to rectify this problem the proposed solution was to do the time-out setting for inbound XI-Adapter of the Adapter Engine.Also the default values mentioned for inbound XI adapter in SAP note 791379 are as given below:

Property Name = [default]

xiadapter.inbound.numberRetries.default = 3

xiadapter.inbound.persistDuration.default = 2592000000 [ms]

xiadapter.inbound.retryInterval.default = 300000 [ms]

xiadapter.inbound.timeout.default = 180000 [ms]

If the default time out value is 3 minutes and since i havnt done any changes in default how can i get a message like "Connect ping timeout occurred after 60 seconds".Or am i missing something?

Could someone help me in finding the root of this issue.