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Former Member
May 24, 2010 at 11:32 AM

Down payment at PO level without line item


Dear All

At the moment when we post down payment request and confirm down payment F-47 and F-48. The system will ask for PO number with line item no.

In practical situation we pay down payment against a PO and not against each line item in PO. e.g. If we have a PO with 20 line item and require 20% down payment according to current standard setup we have to process F-47 for each of these line items which is not desired.

Therefore is it possible to customize the system to post down payment against PO and not at line item level.

It is possible to post F-47 for vendor without referring to PO at all and only refer vendor but we need to refer PO -for reporting and PO status update purposes- just not at line item level.

Any advise?