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Jan 21, 2019 at 11:53 AM

MDG-F Filter and Replicate G/L Accounts to different Systems



I want to filter and replicate G/L Accounts (A-segments) to different target systems, based on the Chart of Accounts and Account Group.

I set up a replication model YMDG_GLACC for service-based replication with two outbound implementations:

  • 1000_V1 Financial Accounting Chart of Accounts
  • 1010 General Ledger Account Master

Both outbound implementations have two business systems assigned. However, one of them should only receive messages for a certain CoA and Account Group. I came across the definition of filter criteria, but it seems not to be possible to exclude a certain value only for one system.

I wanted to use the filter object F_FACOA (Financial Accouting Chart of Accounts) with a custom filter class (e.g. subclass of CL_USMD_DRF_FILTER). I set a breakpoint into this class and clicked the button "Replicate (SOA)" in NWBC, but I noticed that I only have the CoA and Account Number available as filter options. When I click the other button "Replicate (ALE)" which seems to be the General Ledger Account Master object type, it uses the filter object F_GLACCASS (GL Account CompanyCode Assignment) which has CoA, Account Number and Company Code.

What confuses me is, that there is a filter object F_GLAM which has all the required fields available. However, I don't know how to customize the business objects to use this filter object?