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May 24, 2010 at 08:42 AM

SRM contracts cycle


Hello all, I am working with SRM 5.0 and SRM Server 550.

I want to know what is the behaviour of contracts in SRM in general.

1.- I create a GOA document in SRM, it is distribute to backend system (R/3). In this moment, which is the status of GOA in SRM? 2.- Is necessary to activate workflow process to release GOA automatically and then distribute to backend?

When the contract is on backend system and I change some parameters in the backend, is there some process to update the status or the parameters in GOA document in SRM? Is there some communication between the systems in this moment?

3.- I want to activate a non standard workflow process in backend system (R/3) for contracts distributed. How can I do that when backend contract is released then GOA contract in SRM change the status?

I want to know all standard cycle from GOA creation to final.

Thanks in advance

Rosa Rodríguez