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Former Member
May 24, 2010 at 07:39 AM

Supply Scenario


Dear All,

I have mainted a supply scenerio of full supply in the configuration where for contracts I have maintained two service types one for distribution and for supply, where as under service menu I have mentioned the settlement coordinator as a service type.

When I execute a move in for a dual contract model of distribution and supply, i am able to give the required information of the distributor and supplier at the contract level, I am not having the provision to mention the supply scenario during move-in.

whether the supply scenario will be determined automatcially or do I have to feed the information somewhere during the master data creation.

Because after the move-in when I check the POD, it shows the supply scenario as undetermined and under the tab supply scenario the two contracts of distribution and supply are available whereas I am not able to find the POD service of settlement co-ordination which I have maintained in the supply scenario of full usage.

Kindly guide me how to determine the supply scenario during move-in such that the pod service of settlement co-ordination is also shown under the POD

With Regards