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May 24, 2010 at 05:06 AM

How to upload the scrapped document...


Dear Guys

We have a scenario where the lighting stock from sale order(unrestricted, quality inspection, block) is scrapped and then uploaded into the same storage location as B-Pair/C-Pair Material then its STR is raised from head office and then MIGO to Head Office after physical transfer;

Now the Problem in that due to the negligence of or I should say due to over burden on CS Staff, some of the material is always missed from Uploading, so my question here is that;

a. is it possible to directly upload the stock and scrap the same stock at one go with one T-Code and to restrict the system so it cant be by passed.

b. if the above is not possible; can we upload the stock from the scrap document generated in the system....

like 49..... document of scrap containing;

material a

material b

material c

by entering this scrap document in some t-code and just posting it gives me my desired result...

Please suggest...