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May 23, 2010 at 10:26 PM

Create customers in both system (R3 and CRM) with the same number ranges


Hello guys,

I want to sincronize customers between r3 to crm and crm to r3 with the same number range.

So I have had the following configuration in the system:

1. Define various account groups in the r3 system;

2. Define differents number ranges for the account groups in r3 with internal assigments;

3. Define various groupings in the crm system;

4. Define various number rangers like the numbers ranges defined in the r3 with external assigments;

5. I have configured the PIDE transaction where I have mapped the account groups of r3 in the grouping of crm system with the classification B like:

account group r3 grouping crm classification external

z011 x011 B X

z012 x012 B X

I have made the load initial of customer_main and the clients from r3 sincronize to crm system with the same number range. If i modified one client in the crm system, this modification sincronized to the erp system.

The problem occured when I want to upload the crm clients in the r3 system.

In the PIDE transaction I only can mapped a account group of r3 in the classification B. I would like to mapped all my account groups defined in the r3 system.

Classification account goup

B Z011

B Z012

I can't add the second option because the system only allow to assigned one account group to the classification B.

Any could help me? How can I do create clients in both system with the same number ranges?