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May 23, 2010 at 11:48 AM

time evaluation error message report



if the system have the standerd report ,run time evaluation (TM00) error message and include

those fileds:the message No;message describe ; planed clock in/out time; actual clock in/out time?

for example;

DWS:NORM from 08:00-17:00, break 12:00-13:00;

if one employee full day time events like this:

08:10 clock in

12:00 missing clock out

13:00 missing clock in

17:00 clock out

so I hope a report have this fields:

message NO; message describe; planed time ;actual time

01 late 08:00 08:10

02 missing clock out am 12:00 blank

03 missing clock in pm 13:00 blank

question 1:if the system have the standerd report have those information?

question 2:if when I run time evaluation ,I can save "planed time ;actual time" two fileds into some table, so that I can develop a cusomer program to get them .

plus:I find a standard T-code"PT_ERL00" can provide me some message ,but not enough,it is no the planed time ;actual time.


Olivia Yang