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Former Member
May 21, 2010 at 05:12 PM

Hi Experts, I have some queries regarding the PrintWorkbench, please reply


I am new to Printworkbench, so I have some basic queries,

1. What is the requirement of Print Wokbench?

2. In Printworkbench one way to pass the data to Smartform/Script is by passing the work areas in the form/script directly, but what if I have to pass any such data which won't be available in the work area directly, Where is the provision to write the population logic to populate the new variables & What is the way to pass the data to the form/script for display?

3. Is it possible in standard printworkbench code that some internal tables are picking all the row data from any database table but is not passing to the workareas that is passed to the forms/scripts, if YES, in that case if I want to pass those unpassed data to the forms/scripts, will I be able to write any code directly to that subroutine where those data are passed to the workareas?

4. If I want to send any new workarea (apart from the given one in any standard PWB) what I need to do?

Thanks in advance