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May 21, 2010 at 01:04 PM

query problem


hi guys

I asked this one before but it didnot solve problem.So I am posting again.May be I will be able to explain better now.

We have many queries in BI. We have some ABAP programs wriiten,which when executed manually,will call some BI queries and output the data into some files.These files will then be uploaded into another application by another team.In one of the file this team is using,they are getting YTD value.But they want Monthly value.It means we have to change that in BI query,which is source for this file.

In went to my BI Query-Query Designer,found out,in infoprovider panel,we have some characteristics and only two key figures.i.e., Monthly Value,YTD value.In Keyfugres panel,we have at present only YTD value.In order to change query so as to get monthly values,its enough to drag MONTHLY VALUE keyfig from infoprovider panel to Keyfigure panel and remove YTD keyfigure from Keyfigures panel.

Dont you guys think it should be enough?

We have some other query which generates monthly value instead of YTD values.I thought I should check how it is built to get ideas.Its built strangely that I couldnot understand.

In infoprovider panel,theey have some characteristics and two key figures which are Monthly value and YTD value.In Key Figures panel,they have keyfigures...








Monthly value(selection)(in this selection definition,they took monthly value key figure into selection panel and underneath it they have created one customer exit variable

Monthly value(formula)(donot have green keyfigure icon but its black in color)

Monthly value(selection)(in this selection definition,they have choosen only monthly value key figure into selection panel)(donot have green key figure icon but looks black in color)

when I tried to execute didnot show any value....

Can you understand why they built like this?