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May 21, 2010 at 12:42 PM

VPRS entry


Hi Friends,

I have a requirement that the VPRS ie., material cost needs to be acounted(debit and credit entries) for Goods return scenario.

The stock is destroyed at the customer's site and requests for the claim,

Now as there is no goods returned the material valuation is not updated as there is no delivery. client wants to adopt the above method that a copy of VPRS entry without statistical condition should be maintained independent of the pricing and post credit and debit entries.

I have copied to ZPRS with a modification of condition class to "A-discount or surcharge" and maintained in the pricing procedure without statistical tick and maintained account key and accrual key.

The behaviour is that although the condition is not maintained in between the actuall calculation of price the net value also considers the zprs value and credit the customer and debits the G/L provided in the account key.

Hope the above details are understandable,

could some body help on acheiving my objective