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May 21, 2010 at 11:11 AM

Not able to View Files attached to MB03 via SAP archive Link


Hello Friends

I am working on the Attaching Document via SAP Archive link to Goods Receipts.

The Object is " MKPF" and I have created New Document Type* "ZMMIGR"* and linked it to MKPF and Content Repository.

I have used TOA01 for Link table.

Steps I have done

1. Define Content Repository "ZM"

2. Edit Document Types "ZMMIGR"

3. Edit Links "MKPF - ZMMIGR-ZM-TOA01

4. Assign Document to Workflow - ZMMIGR-MKPF-TS30001117

My SAP Archive link scenario is "Assign and Store"

I am able to assign document through Transaction code "OAWD"

It ask for Material Document Number. It give me succes message.

But when I go to MB03>Overview>Environment > Application>Display

It gives me message

SAP ArchiveLink: No stored document found

Message no. OA012


There is no link in the SAP ArchiveLink link tables between the calling business object/object and the stored documents.

A stored document object has not yet been assigned.

As per above message I have check the link table configurations

Object Type Document Type Cont Rep Link

*MKPF - ZMMIGR - X - ZM - TOA01 - 0 *

I am able to see the Attached document Through Transaction *"OA_FIND" *but not through MB03.

Request you to help me if I am missing something.

With Regards

Mangesh Pande