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Former Member
May 21, 2010 at 04:17 AM

Group Asset - takeover values in case of main asset retirement and transfer


Hi All

I need your input in regard to Group Asset . While retirement or transfer of an Asset which has assigned to a Group Asset, is not updating APC and depreciation values for Dep area 15 (IT dep ) for main asset and so not updating group asset as well, it is posting zero values in dep area 15 of main asset and zero valus in group asset dep area 15 as well, but when we try to retire an Asset without group asset assignment it is updating correctly Dep area 15 for main Asset.

Can anybody suggest how to update dep area 15 of main asset and group asset while retirement and transfer of an asset assigned to a group asset.

We have maintained dep area assignement for transaction type 210, 250, 260 and assigned dep area 15 to these transaction types as well in SPRO, but still it is not working.

We are in ECC6, We have executed program RAXPRA04 this as well.