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May 21, 2010 at 01:06 AM

REGEX - Theoretical


Hey Everyone,

This may be a rudimentary query...however, we will have very recently completed a ecc 6.0 upgrade and I have projects using WebDynpro, XSLT and Interactive Forms...all new to me so I have lots to learn and have to pick my poison so to speak.

Anyway, a problem came up and I'm wondering if I can use regex to solve it. I don't need a solution, just a 'yeah, that's what you can do' an example would be nice too.

The issue is that the customers send us reference numbers that have our invoice number imbeded in them. For instance, all of these are valid examples for our invoice number of 90921266.






What I do now is cycle through the string looking for the invoice number. You know, the standard kind of +0(8), +1(8), +2(8)...etc. Not the classiest solution but it works.

Now this process has to be corrected because of some unforseen issues. My query; is this an example of a situation where regex can be used? Having ZERO experience and a complete neophyte in this area, I thought I'd ask before investing too much time.

Simple as that. Sometimes the questions are simple.