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May 21, 2010 at 01:07 AM

HTTP plugin session hangs in different parts of process


a friend problem----


We are facing a big problem with our CRM system.

We are using the Web UI interface, over Integrated ITS (webgui) SAP CRM 7.01

Our workstations access the system by terminal server and/or local installation. In both cases, the reported error happens.

The error occurs at the interaction center. The user is working filling the doccument data at web browser and, some times, when he/she going to save, or switch to a new screen, or attach a local file, the Web Browser hangs. The only link possible to use is LOGOFF.

Any other link, button, menu options, etc does not work any more.

So, the user has to close your web-browser and re-start the propose from the beginning.

This can happens several times in different moments of the doccument entering.

We try to isolate the error, using only access by terminal server, only local acess, changing Web Browser version and/or release (IE 6,IE 7, IE 8, FireFox) without any success.

We changed the runtime timeout and the RFC timeout, with no effect too.

We increase the level of ICM trace and collect the SO and Application logs an put it in an attached file.

There is no explicit log in these files, except when the user discconnect, the SM21 reports an disconnection error.

We dont know where to go now.

It's become critical to our core business.

We are oppening the connection and supplying the user and password in secure area.

Best Regards.

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