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May 20, 2010 at 06:25 PM

When is a secondary index used (in select or where)


HI All,

We are confused (and new to ABAP) on the various postings on SDN concerning this topic. Replies seem to vary.

We have the following select statement:

SELECT date1 FROM table2

WHERE material (from a stored internal table) = material-table2

AND order (from a stored internal table) = order-table2

AND delivery method (from a stored internal table) = specific value of table2.

For a second index to be created, would we create the index for only date1 (since it's the only field we are selecting from table 2) or an index with date1, material, order, delivery method or just what's in the WHERE clause of material, order and delivery method?

How can you be sure that an index will be used?

Thank you!