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May 20, 2010 at 04:45 PM

Looking for the best technique to download an excel file from an it


Hi experts.

Iu2019m trying all the downloading techniques to get an excel file, but no one fully satisfy my needs. I need to download in background and not directly by gui, and if it is possible I wish a neat file.

1) OLE2 is fantastic, I can define the fonts for every cell, but it opens the excel program: can it work in background?

2) The same problem is about EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT: it opens the excel program and Iu2019m not sure it can work in background

3) GUI_DOWNLOAD doesnu2019t open excel program, but it achieve an ASCII file: itu2019s another type. It is not very beautiful to open and to work by

4) SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT doesnu2019t work with excel 2007

Are there other automatic techniques, which donu2019t open the excel program?

Thanks for your help