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May 20, 2010 at 04:27 PM

Browser Page History


Hey everyone,

i have having problems with the way page history is handled. here is the scenario.

lets say i start at page1, then navigate to page2, then page3. (page1->page2->page3)

In my development system, everything works well.

Supposing i am on page3 now, when i click the recent pages button(next to back button) the pages are in order : page3-page2-page1.

therefore when i click the back button it will take me to page2.

the problem is in the production system. so again supposing i am on page3. Looking at recent pages the list it is as follows : page3-page3-page2-page2-page1-page1. there are two copies for each page. Therefore when i click the back button, it will take me to the same page (page3). only way i can navigate back is if i choose the page i want to go to from the Recent Pages List.

Also whenever there is a popup screen on the current page, extra instances will be created in Recent Pages.(this doesnt happen in developement system).

Since all works well, in the development system, i am thinking there must be a difference in settings between the systems maybe in ICF..

Thank You..