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May 20, 2010 at 04:08 PM

PO Output change in Mass


Hi Gurus,

Is there any program or T.code which can change the output type of PO in Mass?

Let me explain in detail.

I have current output type NEU which populates in PO. The default medium in Printout and triggering mode is 3 ( send via other transaction).

I have 200 PO which I need to change the medium as 'External Send' and triggering mode as 4 ( send immediately when saving).

Can I do it via any mass program, I know I can do it on ME9F > Clicking message detail> changing the output as my desire and save. But that will be updated for a single PO. I need to change the output medium and other parameters for all the PO simultaneously.

Does SAP provides any kind of facility on this?

Thank You