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May 20, 2010 at 02:52 PM

-2 ERR_USRFAIL: User authorization failed



I've completed the installation of a Content Server in version 6.40 with MaxDB on 2003 Server x64, once the installation I checked the server performance compobar Content Server and after that his state was in "running" I installed a database manager to connect to the DB of MaxDB that in the plant ... the problem stemmed from trying to connect to the instance and I do not validate the user or superdba or control (both created in the installation)

Both users in installation and on which I tested on both occasions the password. As I have found in the SDN in versions of MaxDB 7.7 limits the password to 8 characters and although I has the version I have not worked, if something gives my password is 11 characters.

I tried also with default users (MaxDB) without any result