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May 20, 2010 at 12:23 PM




Employee to view the Objects on Loan, Personal IDs(0185), Time Quota Compensation, Overtime(2005), Absence Quotas(2006), Attendance Quotas (2007), Custom Infotypes(Airpassage - 9000, Family Medical Insurance - 9003, Accommodation Details - 9004)

I need to do the above senatio that employees will send these reqests through EIC and HR representative to address through EIC. MSAT to check the possibility in EIC.

employee to request for salary advances, certificates (Driving License, Salary Certificate, No Objection Certificate, Experience Letter etc), Passport Release, - Request to be sent to Manager. Once Manager approves, request will be sent to HR. HR will approve the request and issue the necessary document. Once HR approves, the data should get stored in the respective infotype. Letters sent to employee will be scanned and stored against that employee in PA.

No need of any approvals for Document Release, Medical Insurance, Air tickets, Education allowance.

How can do the above senario with eic.

Thanks and Regards,