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May 20, 2010 at 11:56 AM

How to capute data selected by the user in a TABLEVIEW


Hi ,

I am displaying the data in tableView .

I want to caputre the information of the row, that user have selected.

For that I am using

 selectionMode    = "SINGLESELECT" . 

following is my code for Table view


<htmlb:tableView id                = "tbl_o_table"
                       headerText        = "Search Results"
                       headerVisible     = "true"
                       design            = "standard"
                       emptyTableText    = "No records found"
                       table             = "<%= p_itab   %>"
                       onHeaderClick    = "MyEventHeaderClick"
                       selectionMode    = "SINGLESELECT"
                       visibleRowCount   = "20"
                       sort              = "SERVER"
                       onRowSelection    = "onRowSelection"
                       width             = "100%"
                       columnDefinitions = "<%= pt_tableview %>"
                       filter            = "server" >

From above code i am able to selec the row, but how should I read the selceted data.

For example my Table view displays the Sales order number , line item no ...... etc.

I need the selected sales order number by the user, so that i can naviage to new page and i can display furhter data for depatch of sales order .

Please advice.

Thanks & Regards,

Nilesh Labde