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May 20, 2010 at 11:22 AM

Material authorization group for QM area - Digital Signature


Dear All,

I have created (a) Define Authorization Group (b) Define Individual Signature and (c) Define Signature Strategy for digital signature.

The path is given below.

Img --> Cross Application Components --> General Application Functions --> Digital Signature --> Signature Strategy

This has to reflect in --> Material Authorization Group for QM Area


Img --> Quality Management --> Environment --> Central Functions --> Authorization Management

--> Define Authorization Groups and Digital Signature.

We get a popup window.

1. Authorization Groups for QM Master Data

2.Mat. Auth. Group, Insp. Lot Approval, Digital Signature

3.Signature Method

Click --> Mat. Auth. Group, Insp. Lot Approval, Digital Signature

Double Click --> ZTest (QM Material Auth.)

We get --> Change View "Mat. Auth. Group, for QM area": Details.

We get the following data.

Each activity has only one requirement.


QM mat. auth. Z_TEST

Short text Digital Signature


Dig.Sign.RR --> 1 Required for Result Recording .

Dig.sign UD --> 1. Required for making usate decision.

DigSig PhySmpDw--> 1.required for confirmation of Physical sample drawing


But we need the data as given below.


Each activity --> RR and UD must have 4 line items.

Result Recording

1. Dig. sign. RR. ---> Digital signature for Results Recording (RR)

2. AGrp DigSign. RR ---> Authorization Group for Digital signature in RR

3.Sig. Type R.R ---> Signature type for RR

4. Sig.Strategy R.R ---> Signature Strategy for RR

Usage Decision

1. Dig. Sign UD -

>---> Digital signature for Usage Decision (UD)

2. AGrp DigSign. UD---> Authorization Group for Digital signature for UD

3.Sig. Type U.D---> Signature type for UD

4.Sig.Strategy U.D---> Signature Strategy for UD


Can anyone please suggest the BAdi name for activating the Digital Signature in QM Notification

we are working on ECC6.0 Ehp 3 package .

Thanks and Regards

Raghu Sharma