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Former Member
May 20, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Time costraint on Cost Center (K) relationships


Hi everybody.

I would ask for your help about the following problem I'm not able to solve :

I defined a new relationship, linking the object K (Cost Center) to a new object I created (ZE).

The new relationship is defined as B992 (bottom-up). This relationship should link one Cost Center to only one new object, so I set the Time Constraint for this relation to 2. The other way relationship (top-down) A992 is set to 3, since I could link one new object to more than one Cost Center.

In the view V_T777ZIT I have the line :

K 1001 Relationships B992 Cost Center assignment 2

The problem is :

the system does not perform any check on the unique assignment of a Cost Center to an object ZE and a multiple assignment is allowed.

Have you any idea about the reason of this ?

Thanks a lot for any help.