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Create SO from PO Output (IDOC)


we need to create an SO in company code XYZ from the PO output IDOC( Message NEU ) of another company code ABC.

Im trying to create the SO in the same System and same client , but in a Different Company code.

I have already configured in this way:

we have maintained VENDOR partner role to PO output type NEU

**Partner profile:
Vendor Outbound:
Partner no.           272xxxx
Partn.Type            LI
Partn.funct.          VN
Message Type      ORDERS
Outbound parmtrs.
VN	ORDERS	   	   
Receiver port        SAPEDI
Basic type           ORDERS05
Transfer idoc immediately
Message Control:
EF	NEU	   ME10
Customer Inbound:
SP Orders  
Partner no.           254XXX
Partn.Type            KU
Partn.funct.          SP
Message type      ORDERS
WE45 Transaction :
Logical address
    DSN 00002725XX
Application                         EF
Destination in SAP system           GMC 00002541XX

But the IDoc created from the Outbound is having status '03'. so the Inbound function module is not receiving this IDOC.

Am i missing something here , to connect the Outbound to Inbound.?



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3 Answers

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    May 20, 2010 at 10:15 AM


    Are you getting IDOC in receiving system ? Have you created distribution model (BD64) for transmitting data from sender to receiver system?



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    • Former Member

      Hi Vinod,

      Both Sender and receiver sytem is same. I need to create the SO in companycode XYZ from a PO IDOC of ABC company code.Here both system/Client are the same.

      Its not a normal PO-->to SO, We are creating the SO in a different company Code.

      IDOC is created with status 03, but its not passed to Inbound Function module.

      PO outbound Partner:

      VN orders(MESSAGE tYPE)

      Customer Inbound


      Hi Reddy

      Receiver port SAPEDI

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    May 20, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    What port you r using here?



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    May 20, 2010 at 11:00 PM

    Just check how your outbound port SAPEDI is defined. If you have an outbound IDoc you would need another inbound IDoc, which could then be processed. So your receiver port in the outbound partner profile should point to the same SAP system (so could be for example a Transaction RFC port referencing a logical RFC destination that just points back to the system).

    In general though such a setup is not really desirable, because this means IDoc duplication (outbound and inbound IDoc). If you have an outbound IDoc, you cannot use it for inbound processing (at least in the standard IDoc framework). However, in general SAP accounts for such scenarios where you have an IDoc that needs to be sent back to the same system. To avoid duplicate IDocs, SAP just generates the inbound IDoc.

    Best example is intercompany invoices, which you could use to better understand and read up on this scenario. E.g. if you check outbound process code (transaction WE41) SD08, you will see that it has the option Processing with trigger (inbound) checked. I haven't seen such use case for orders though and I don't think you can simply configure it (you'd need some custom programs, so it might be ok to stick with duplicate IDocs).

    Cheers, harald

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi DP

      I have the same scenario and after updating the port and having the inbound as logical system, still Im getting the outbound Idoc status as 03 and moved created as Inbound. Here PO SO is within the same company code.

      Is anything Im missing here.