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May 20, 2010 at 08:17 AM

SD's invoice before shipment cost process completion



I am trying to implement transportation module for one of our client, as standard in order to execute background post good issue and billing automatically based on status profile assigned to shipment type on the relevant shipment status fist shipment cost document or at least shipment cost calculation should be calculated .

But as in our client's case they want to create the final invoice before shipment costing process. I think if shipment cost is active at item and shipment document/stage level, automatic background process is halted till shipment cost calculation.

Kindly let me know whether it is possible to complete the sales - billing process with an exclusion of shipment cost calculation process because it's giving me an error message that shipment cost transfer from delivery to billing is mandatory in copying control.

I have seen the copying controls as well, there is no such option/ flexibility available there. kindly suggest a solution asap