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May 20, 2010 at 07:51 AM

selected data migration


Hi all,

In our scenario we have a SAP system in Germany running on Solaris and Oracle. In that system there is 2 clients 100 and 500. In 500 client there are company codes and related data for Germany and India as well. Our objective is to build a new production system in India which will contain the company codes and relevant data that is specific to India only, extracted from the Germany system. This India specific system will run on Windows 2003 and Oracle. To achieve this we have two option

i) Client copy to be performed on 500 client.

ii) Heterogeneous system copy

But in the first case (Remote Client copy) system will copy the whole 500 client and in the second case (Heterogeneous system copy) the whole Germany system will be mirrored.

Can anybody guide me how to copy only company code specific data from Germany system to India system to avoid the undesirable data to copy unlike the above mentioned process.