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May 19, 2010 at 10:35 PM

Error loading template 0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0021_1


Dear all,

I am running BI 7.0 for 2 years and implementing CRM in a separate server now. We have CRM Web UI set up and has using links to BI reports.

It is frustrated since most links are using BW 3.X template and I am running BI 7.0 so I have to trace and install BW 3.x BI-CONTENT in 7.0 system. I was able to track down the data source of business content in CRM side and the data source, DSO, infocube, query and webtemplate in BI side. I ran through the CRM interactive reporting configuration guide (C41) and BI Connectivity (B84). I am sure the connection is setup between CRM and BI and the data source from the both sides are activated. I test and the web template 0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0021_is working from BI side. I also added the web template in SPRO - CRM -> CRM analytics -> Define BI report in CRM.

However, when I click on the report - customer report with open activities from CRM Web UI and am getting the error -Error loading template 0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0021_1. is anything I need to setup so I can pull the web template in CRM from BI?

The only thing I confuse which is BWA5. For example, the data sources for 0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0021_1 is 0CRM_CONTACT_OUT at RSA5 and I don't see 0CRM_CONTACT_OUT in BWA5. Do I need to create one in BWA5?

Please help. Thanks.