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May 19, 2010 at 10:32 PM

How to Display Group info as detail info?



I'm trying to create my first crystal reports to display the number of times a user has logged into the system. I'm able to show the count on the group summary, but I just want to see the group summary info displayed as detail info instead of one line item per page.

My data looks like the following.....

UserID, Session,4ea96cb3644cf1022e0e44636e9f8,4ea96cb3644cf1022e0e44636e9f8,4ea96cb3644cf1022e0e44636e9f8,92e79f7641a9211e410868b821d0a,4ea96cb3644cf1022e0e44636e9f8,4ea96cb3644cf1022e0e44636e9f8

I want the following group info displayed in the detail section instead of the group section. I'm currently using the Distinct Count function on the the session field, but only works on group summary.

Login Count for is: 3

Login Count for is: 1

Login Count for is: 2


CR Developer 2008, Version, against a Informix database.