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May 19, 2010 at 08:52 PM

How to Control the Options in SAP BO DS - In real time services


In real time environment when SAP DS tool Dataflow is being called by a Java client using WebService calls.

How to explictly set the options based on the User input.

i.e. in Global Address Cleanse Transform, say a user wants to choose, number of suggestions list 10, to get back 10 suggested address results. And same time another user can choose the number of suggestios list 20, to get back 20 suggested address results.

In other words, we should have the flexibility of setting the options based on the user input.

Based on the tool, setting the option is one time for each dataflow.

If thats the case, how would we able to accomplish the setting of different input values i.e. 10,20,12 at the options level.

Any insights will be highly appreciated